As in Boston

I didn't go. But taking a little from here and other little from there, is possible to have a "little reconstruction" of what happened in Boston.
In the Summit web we have avalaible some PDFs and videos (coming soon) about some of the conferences. DAnyway, we'll put the focus upon those about graphics.

Paco Oca uploaded on his blog some days ago three videos with Javier's conference. And Javier hmself uploaded on his personal web a link with a PDF of it..

Most of the are very basic, but there's always a little detail we haven't notices and could be very useful. I think the real workshops were better than this, but at least we have something
- Illustrator
- Photoshop
- Flash

We had two conferences about online, one focused on designm but also useful for graphics, with Jean Crandall (Washington Post) and Kelli Sulivan (LA Times). Kelli Sullivan's conferences about the project Altered Oceans is avalaible in PDF.
The other one, focused in graphics, had Len de Groot and Rafa Höhr talking about graphics form print to mutimedia. Both are uploaded.
- Len de Groot
- Rafa Höhr

Archie Tse (NY Times) and Javier Zarracina took this section. Archie's PDF with some statistical works from NYT is amazing.

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