National Geographic hires in spanish or how success killed Spain

Two of the big ones of the world of infographics, Fernando G. Baptista, former El Correo, and Alejandro Tumas, from Clarín, have been hired by National Geographic, which spanish-talkers staff grows, cause they already have Juan Velasco ads Graphics Director.
The problem of the infographics brain drain is something worrying in Spain, where, after suffering these lasts year the american adverture of Cairo, Xocas, Zarracina and Baptista, have their referal infographics media "attacked", as were elmundo.es for online and El Correo dfor print.
The lack of these 'geniuses" in Spain in not just a harm for themselves, but also because new values have lost much of teh great potential teachers tehy could have. When Cairo take his way to Chapel Hill, left his 'pupil' Xocas at charge, but now he's gone too.
The infographics level in Spain is descending, maybe cause sucess is finally killing us.

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