Publico, two weeks later

Two weeks from the first issue of Público and we already have a considerable amount of graphics to judge. At the moment, we are three in the department. Álvaro Valiño, former La Voz de Galicia, Miriam Baña, coming from El Economista, and myself. We have two other people, Susana and Fran, helping with the rush of the frists weeks. As I commented, we're not still at 100%, but it's just a matter of time.
Focusing on the graphics, these are some of the things we're having on the firsts issues.

As I hope you could see, our will is to do graphics which explain the news, on a clear and clean way. Using color with a purpose, and helping the reader to visualize teh information. In sections as Science and Tech we're making an effort to make accesible the complicated concepts that we have to handle on those informations.We still have a long way ahead, but we hope we could go further and further.

Some graphics are uploaded everyday at Público.es, associated to the corresponant news. As commented, going online is just a matter of time.

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