Shahhe Ilyas. Graphic experimentation

Taking a look to this maldivian designer web,
shaheeilyas.com wrths the time.
But maybe the most interestnig part (for me), is what he calls 'experiments'. Inside this denomination are some great ideas as the web Framing Leaders

As himself explains:
“Framing Leaders” is a website consisting of algorithmically generated framed pictures of Heads of Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index (RSF) and Corruption Perceptions Index (TI) for the country. Leaders are all about borders, power, constrains which the algorithm translates to ornaments, proportions, matting and darkness.

Other of his 'experiments'is a simple graphic design idea. Showing flags as chart pies depending on he color used on it and its area on the flag.

of those famous flags by Grande Reportagem. In most of the cases, is still easy to see how country do they represent.

And a third detail, not so original, but still nice. Mvblogosphere, elaborated with other pals, has a chapter with its visualizations that worths a look. As an example, here you are the relationships between madivian bloggers (click to enlarge)

Thanks to Álvaro Valiño for the discovery.

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