Making of. The 11M judgement graphic

We finally have drawers at Público. This made us to take another look to the great mountains of papers we have create on these six months of life.
Among disastarers we wouldn't like to have seen again and little good things were the sketches for the 11M judgement graphic by Alvaro Valiño.

This is the fnished graphic. A relationships diagram and a table with resolutions which share a color code. The graphic was a breaking news, made the day the judge gave the resolution, but we started thinking on it before. And this is hw we made it.
We had the name of the judged, and, with the terrorism specialist of the newspaper (I'm talking about a journalist, not a terrorist), Óscar López Fonseca, we reviewed the charges and which could be the sentences for each one.

We took the name and we think the way to organizate the relationships between judged, just as we supposed, waiting for the judge and his resolution.

We thought on the style that could have the diagram ad decided that the table should have the same colors. We thought (never seriously) on just using the skecth. We really liked it.

As you can see, there were a lot of changes (if you really look at out, we just used 3-4 faces for the scheme). We were constrcting the relations meanwhile Oscar was reading the sentence the day it was released.
The final result is the one above all. People from the newspaper liked it, many people we asked liked it ant it had a gold at Malofiej and a SND Award of Excellence. We think is a very easy and clear way to explain the information and have the reader informed, that was what whe tried.

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