Is this a graphic...

... or a video?

The goals of he spanish national team at the Euro2008, on Marca.com

UPDATE: All the graphics elements were added after this post. When I wrote it the 'graphic' was just a bunch of screen captions with the audio.


Teoh Yi Chie said...

Does playing a video at extremely slow frame rates make a video an infographic?

Chiqui Esteban said...

The problem is that they're 'advertising' that as a graphic on the homepage!

Tom said...

Well my guess is it's a series of photo's taken from a video with graphical elements overlayed and synched up to an audio file. It doesn't seem to be a vidoe file in the way taht say a youtube video is.

I imagine there are all sorts of rights issues associated with using an actual video and this is probably as close as they thought they could get.