Do you want to advertise your web? Hire an infographics artist

One of the things that called my attention on the last Malofiej was the project of Soitu.es commented by Alberto Cairo. Soitu is a new spanish web, just online and without a print referral. As we're talking about graphics, I must say that this web includes Urban life articles about Seattle by Gabi Campanario (illustrator and infographics artist of The Seattle Times). This web, being very young and without the print referral that gives you a good promotion, used imagination to advertise, on a very cheap way, the site. They used the social nets as Menéame, (the spanish Digg), and also used the infographics. And how they did it? Through the 'widget world'

The ideas was, seizing the spanish elections, offering to the bloggers a little widget with a pie showing the results (and a little logo of Soitu). That was a complete success, so soon they offered another widget, completely customizable, to show any stathistic with a very simple XML file. And, of course, including the logo of Soitu with the link. You can take a look to the web where they offer the file (in spanish), with the title Flash graphics for everybody.

Well. So now we're in Europe with the Euro2008, the continental football (soccer) championship. Second big event of teh year, And a new opportunity to be promoted by widgets!
Another recently born spanish sport web (and just web), SportYou, used the same strategy. Behind that was Manolo Romero, one former chief of mine and now enjoying the freelance life. The widget consists on a little square with results, venues, players dispositions, results... The typical graphics that big media use to offer and now any blogger could have on his own blog for free.

And Soitu didn't forget to make his own, although this one is moore based on design than graphics

Now, little media have one less excuse for not hiring infographics artist.

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