The summer starts with hirings

Yesterday, a comment by Alberto Cuadra on the spanish version of this blog told us a great new. Sergio Peçanha, Graphics Director at Dallas Morning News, is heading The New York Times. Congratulations to both. To Sergio for arriving to, possibly, the best infographics department in the world, and the NYT for hiring one spectacular artist and a great person.

And more locally, we also had movements on Público. Ana K. Landi left us the past may and now works for Xplane on its office in Madrid. Ana has been with us just some months, but she had time to be awarded with a bronze in Malofiej

We've already hired a sustitute for our department, Mónica Serrano, which I was lucky to work with a summer in Diario de Cádiz. She's already a good infographics artist, but her learning capacity is going to make a big one of her.

Good luck to everybody on their new jobs!

¡Mucha suerte a todos en sus nuevos trabajos!

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