A world map of infographics artists

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I had some free days (some of the readers of this blog would think that I don't work very much) and I've seized these days to explore the possibilities of Google Maps, one of this porgrams which makes our work easier. Researching about the Points of Interest (API) on a map, I started placing infographics departments on a map (oh, yes, I'm such a freak...). And then I thought, why don't share it and start creating a big database of all the infographics artists?
The map has just a few points that I'll go updating. Google Maps also allow to introduce photos, links and all that kind of information, so we can create a huge database, very useful for us all. You can add your information by yourselves, or all the departments you know. You just have to send me a mail and I'll send you an invitation to collaborate in the map. Anyway, if someone prefer not to appear on the map, just tell me and I'll erase him.

Here you are the link to the map

I'm using a color code:

Blue: Print newspapers
Red: Online departments
Green: Magazines
Yellow: Wires, freelances and others
Purple: Professors

I hope it will become an useful tool for us all.
Any suggestions, here I am.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!
And thanks for including me.