Harold Evans, Al Triviño and infographics on the british newspapers

The Independent published yesterday an an interview with Sir Harold Evans, one of the design and editing 'guru'.
The leitmovit of the interview was that new designs are nothing without content. Something I think we all agreee. But the article also talked about infographics, and these were the words:

What he also brought was a visual flair to the newspaper. The Sunday Times Magazine, which he inherited from his predecessor Sir Denis Hamilton, became a showcase for the photography of the quality of Don McCullin's. Evans also brought his art director Edwin Taylor into a central role and promoted the news graphic, then its infancy, into an art form through the work of Peter Sullivan.
The news graphic has seen a resurgence in the recent redesigns, in particular at The Sunday Times. Al Trivino, the art director at News International, may have produced a 21st-century newspaper but he still tips his hat to predecessors who led the way under Evans. "It (the relaunch) was trying to rescue some of the innovative visual journalism brought to the paper years ago by pioneers such as Peter Sullivan and Edwin Taylor who made it a very influential, content-driven newspaper," said Trivino in an interview with Garcia Media.

We didn't have a word about graphics from Sir Evans. But having some words about infographics on a newspapers when they'er not talking about the awards the newspapers have received it always something good. And remembering Peter Sullivan too.

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