Michael Agar, new head of infographics for the Telegraph Media Group

The Telegraph Media Group (Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Telegraph Online) has hired Michael Agar as head of infographics. Michael is one of the visible heads of the british infographics, and his work at The Independent on Sunday (which he leaves now) and The Observer is well known and recognized.
There's no doubt that the Telegraph wants to keep growing, and they see graphics as a great way to do it. A bet for visual communication. And Michael is the best person they could find for that. I don't know him personally, although I've talked with him several times as we both work as infographics consultants for InnovAtion and he has been a great 'source of knowledge' for me.
So, good news, for Michael Agar and for the Telegraph. And for infogrphics on UK, a country that seems to become (again) one of the references for infographics. Congratulations (everybody)!

Juan Antonio Giner talks about the hiring on Innovations in Newspapers

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