Visual reconstructions

There are usual sentences on tis blog 'Show Don't Tell!' or 'An Image worths 1000 words'. We always say a graphic needs much more information than a text about the same topic, and that the same amount of information, just in text, will take much more space and could be incomprehensible.We're visual creatures, and view is our main sense.

Maybe these things make taht someone are eager to 'see' their favourite novels. So, one of them, Russel Stutler, artist and reader of teh Sherlock Holmes adventures, have drawn the house of the famous detective. HE just need the descriptions of his 70 books.

All the details are in the map, so, if you don't want to lose anything, you can have the map with anotations.

Same happens with Star Wars. Who can resist a map with the universe of teh saga? And with its main routes!

Via Que no se diga

If you love maps, I'm sure you already know Strange Maps


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