The New York Times hires Xaquín González, 'Xocas'

It's official. Xaquín González Veiras, 'Xocas', leaves Newsweek and starts a new era at The New York Times, and as Graphics Editor. An impressive hiring, for both. I remember (I start a Grandpa Simpson story...) when I worked at La Voz de Galicia and my chief was Xoán González (Xocas' father), the person from whom I've learnt the most about infographics. I arrived after some years as student in the University of Navarre, collaborating with Malofiej on the big years of Jaume Serra at Clarin. Anytime I talked about Serra's graphics with him, he always said that The New York Times were still the best. He must be very glad and proud today. And NYT also should be glad. They have now one of the best online infographics journalists on its staff.

And good system that of The New York Times. There's a big crisis, its shares falls like dead bodies and they continue hiring some of te greatest professionals for its infographis department. Peçanha and Xocas in two months. A great messsage for infographics and a detail to comment to all the newspapers managing teams.

More at Xocas.com (in spanish).

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