No sacred spaces

If I talked about the bet of NYT for the visuals on tha last post, we had a good example this morning.

And it has been also the main element on the web all the morning with an online graphic that you can use on the home itself, without opening a new window (although it has changed).

If you can explain better a story with a graphic, use a graphic. No fear. There's no sacred palces, not even the front page of the NYT. No sacred spaces. Which is sacred is the correct explaining of the story. Forget what we use to do and think on what we should do.

Via Innovations in Newspapers


Chandoo said...


Looks like the nyt link is broken.. you can replace it with.. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/08/06/world/20080806_KTWO_INTERACTIVE.html


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