All the things I didn't show this weekend: more LHC and great comparisons

After a relaxing weekend in London, I come back to Madrid with work to do. Nigel Hawtin, from New Scientist, send what he made for his magazine about the LHC, as a part of the collection I was making here

And they're not the only ones, thanks to Pablo Loscri, graphics director at Clarín, we can see the graphics of the argentinian journal about the collider. The first one is old, and it was published as an advance.

The first day they recovered the graphic, making a new bottom.

But this is not the only thing coming from Clarín. If you remember the Tumas and and Portaz's graphic about the anaconda you'll find funny how, today the newspaper follows its own style, but with kraken instead of snakes. This time, the circle show the actual size of an eye.

And other great comprsion was found by Guillermo Nagore, one of the greatest designers of the moment, as you can see on his last work. Big pity (for us) that he leaves the news to be Creative Director at Stone Yamashita Partners. But let's go to the comparison. It compares the biggest planes on the world, on a smart, clear and interseting way: so you can see how some are compact and high, and other with a bigger length. Where to find it? On Wikipedia

And, for ending, a curiosity sent by Víctor Caballero about donations to the USA presidental candidates, seen on Pitch Interactive

Circles on the centre are the donations to each one (blue Obama and red McCain, as usual). The three 'fans' show the ranges of money donated: the first one shos donations from 1 to 100$, where Obama really wins. It's a hard graphic, maybe too complicated, although it makes the point it wants.

My sixth trip to London was interesting, above all because this time I could really enjoy the city, as I had seen before all I wanted to see. But this will be another post.

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