Bests of 2008: Freddy Fiallos Calderón picks

Freddy Fiallos Calderón is a young infographics journalist at the ecuatorian daily El Telégrafo and writes along with his colleagues the blog Nacional Telegraphic.
These are the graphics he has chosen as the bests of 2008:

1. Noah's Arc of the 21st century. elmundo.es
Emilio Amade

Access the online graphic

2. Olympic venues. Golden Section Graphics

3.Millionaires by continents and countries. National Geographic en Español
Olliber Uberti, Zach Ferriola-Bruckenstein

And these has been the graphics chosen as his own three bests one of the year.

1. The ecuatorian tradition of puppets and frecrackers

2. Crabcatchers

3. The bull's agony

If you want t participate, here you are what yu've got to do.

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