Bests of 2008

UPDATED 12/29 at 15.17 h (spanish time)
End of year means recopilations. That's a fact about this kind of holydays: we like traditions.
So, I encourage you, readers of Infographics News (or its spanish version Infografistas.com) to participate on one double faced recopilation: send me which are in your opinion the three best infographics of the year, print or online. If you can't have access to them, you can send just three very good graphics made at 2008. You can´t send your own works. Why? Because the second part consists on sending your own best three graphics of the year.
There's no obligation to participate on both categories.
If the initative is succesful and we get a good number of examples, we can also vote the top three among the graphics sent.
As you send the graphics I will upload them on the blog. If you want to comment why you picked them, much better!
Happy Holidays everyone!

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