Best of 2008: Kabitis Dimitris picks

Kabitis studies Communication and Mass Media in the University of Athens (Greece). But also works at the Eleftheros Tipos’ infographics department since 2007.

These are criteria he followed in his own words:

"First of all, the information that is the main subject of the infographic has to be interesting and exciting. So as you can tell, my fisrt criteria is subjective.

Then, I think is basic the information to be visualized in a clear way for the readers to understand it or not. Also I would like to point out that usually this means that I prefer infographics that are of minimal aesthetic and not heavy.

The last of my criteria is that the infographic has to be innovative. Although if the infographic doesn’t fit the criteria above, innovation alone is not enough."

And here they are:

1. USA and Iraq. The New York Times

Kabitis says: "Using only two flags in three rows the graphic manages to tell the story of a war"

I must say that in my opinion this is an illustration and not an infographic, but if someones consider it a graphic, it enters in the show.

2. The first walk on the Moon . NASA

There's also another version on an baseball diamond

3. Costanera Center . El Mercurio (Chile)
Juan Pablo Bravo

And also, his three own best graphics of the year.

1.Four ways to deal with the overwarming of Earth
made with Kali Labrou and Achilleas Galatsidas

"This infographic includes four futuristic ways proposed by novelists against climate change. This project was an idea of our infographics department, all the information was gathered by our team."

2.Taipei 101
Made with Kali Labrou

"The triumph of man on nature. Tower’s mechanics enable it to stand in an environment with typhoons and many earthquakes. (I like mega structures)"

3.Kovalainen’s accident and new measures of security
Made with Spiros Kanakaris

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