Best of 2008: Max Gadney picks

Max Gadney is a classic of the BBC online graphics department, althought he's now working on the TV area.

Although he offers a larger explanation on his blog, these are his picks as the best grahics of the last year:

1. TV US elections (BBC)

Click on the image to watch the video

2. Stamen data visualization

Click on image to access MySociety.

3. Spanish 2008 budget (Público, Spain)

It was published in 2007, but we have done exceptions before, and being one graphic published on the newspapers where I work... I can do another.

And these are his own favourites, all of them published at Historynet.com:

1. Nordern Bombsight

2. Fighter Planes

3. Kamikaze

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Peter Gray said...

The third and xl pharmacy are the best one. Specially the third one with the coin and the hand in the other side waiting for it.