The New York Times bets and wins

The New York Times has done a big bet for interactivity. That's is well known. The Grey Lady is the media company wich is making the biggest and best efforts in interactive graphics. Creating a new style, giving space to new visual lenguages. And you can see this bet on some shots of its home these last days:

Maked with yellow are the links to interactive graphics, but there are also photogalleries, videos, audios... any kind of multimedia content.

The infographics department, working on both print and online editions, has continued hiring while the rest of the newspaper was talking about firing people.

The results are clear. Nobody discusses today that they have no rival. They are well known, also beyond the infographics departments. New York Magazine dedicated a choral interview to some of the brains of the gang.
They are also answering questions on the section Talk to the Newsroom. Make your own questions before it's too late!

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