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I'm not updating the blog as much as I like for some reasons: the new project where I'm working now is about to be released and, adding to this, my laptop has died, which makes very difficult to me to post from the sofa watching TV, the best way to do it.
Anyway, here you are some interesting things you should see:

Mostra Nacional de Infografia 3
The Deputy Art Editor of Folha de Sao Paulo, Màrio Kanno, has created this recopilation of brazilian infographics. Take a deep look at it.

Mostra_infografia_3 Mostra_infografia_3 http://kanno-infografia.blogspot.com/ MOSTRA NACIONAL DE INFOGRAFIA 3 . PREPARADA O CURSO DE JORNALISMO VISUAL DA ECA-USP Terceira edição da Mostra Nacional de Infografia. Documento reúnce infograficos dos principais jornais e revistas brasleiros publicados entre 2008 e 2009. Preparado para curso de Jornalismo Visual na Escola de Comunicações e Artes da Universidade de São Paulo. ECA-USP. Organizada por Mário Kanno, Editor adjunto de Arte da Folha de S.Paulo e professor convidado para o curso.

Michael Agar and the Malofiej trends
Right to the point, Michael Agar, head of infographics at the Telegraph Media Group says in his blog that Malofiej is forgetting breaking news graphics and giving most of the awards to complex and big double spreads.

Nicolas Rapp, another daily visit
His author is the Art Director of Associated Press and formeer infographics journalist of AP and Reuters. So go and read what he has to say.

Malofiej Week
Malofiej awards are being judged this week and the International Infographics Summit will take place this thursday and friday. I won't be there because, as Itold you before, we're giving birth to www.lainformacion.com. Anyway, I'll be with an eye on it and I'll telll you all that will happen teher as soon as I could. Meanwhile, you can take a look to the Malofiej 17 Flickr group of Professor Michael Stoll, one of the judges of this year.

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