Mantras: Xaquín González (Xocas)

The infographics editor of The New York Times was interviewed at the communication blog 233grados (spanish).Some highlighted (and translated) sentences:

"What is important on an infographic is what it's telling, not the visual impact"

"Graphics are not 'asked'! (...).It's about who has the decision-making capacity on if an story must be explained with a graphic. That's why we have infographics editors, and not graphic artists. It's a journalistic decision."

"When Richard L. Berke, assistant managing editor for news, interviewed me for the position, he told me that some of the best journalists of The New York Times are at the infographics department."

"The department has shown the potential of visual explanations and keep doing it. It means freedom and good laboral conditions."

"Spanish infographics have lost part of the interest in jornalism"

"I think newspapers could be saved if they notice that the resources needed for online and print are inverted."

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Lisa's thought vomit said...

Agreed! It's always a battle between the visual journalists and the reporters at my paper.