Going... coming... staying

Not even in the middle of this crisis stops the movement of infographics journalists.

By Xocas' twitter (@xocasgv) I knew that Geoff McGhee, former The New York Times and now working as Multimedia Editor at Le Monde (Paris), leaves Europe to go back to USA. He has been awarded a John S. Knight Fellowship at the Stanford University. He will study data visualization tools for online jorunalists.
Other of the 12 awarded has been my colleague at InnovAtion Gabriel Sama, who will study about multiplatform publishing systems.

But there also movements here. We have made a new hiring atlainformacion.com. He has said something on his blog already. Carlos Gámez, who was working as head of infographics at ELPAIS.com joins the department of New Narratives, where I am Director.

And, although this is not a hiring, I may tell who happy I feel for The Boston Globe being saved, despite all the job cuts they will have to do. I've never read the paper, but just knowing how Javier Zarracina and hsi team works, is enough.

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