Why I haven't updated the blog lately

I'm sorry because I haven't udated the blog as much as I would like lately. These have been the firsts weeks of lainformacion.com (it was released April 23rd) and the launching has teken most of my time. Ans these are my firsts steps online... So I'm going to seize this oportunity to share my firsts works with you, so you can critiquize them with you fiercests words, that0s teh best way to learn... You can access all the graphics done at graficos.lainformacion.com. Or access the RSS here.
Here you are some examples. Click on images to see the graphics.

The newsroom's library
As our first day was the day of the book, we shared with the audiencia our most loved books...

EPA results
The EPA publish the number of unemployed people in Spain, now more than 4 million people. It was our first breaking-news graphic... With the launching we have nothing prepared. So I prepared something the day before, so when the data were released the morning after, we just had to update the new data...

Cleaning the highest building of Spain
Just another way for offering a photogallery...

The way Madrid sounds
UA collaboration with our great video team for the day against the noise.

A map of the Spanish saving banks
Situation of the spanish saving banks, by size and reliability.

So I wait your for your critiques of these graphics or any of all the graphics done at the graphics page.

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