The tragic death of Eleftheros Typos

Eleftheros Typos, newspaper awarded as best designed of Europe has closed.

I feel this close very near, Eleftheros Typos was my first work as infographics consultant for Innovation. But it's also hard because it was an ended newspaper that came again to life. Who explains this perfectly is who was its Art Director, Spiros Polikandriotis. One of the great helps from inside in the relaunchingand success of the model. He was fired months before ET closed. And it was a big surprise for those who knew him and his great work.

Spiros writes:
"It's not strange at all that the paper closed. ET before the relaunch was selling around 10.000-15.000 a day and 45.000 on Sunday. It was it’s lowest numbers since its birth on 1984. After the relaunch it started rising in circulation reaching 25.000 – 35.000 on the daily and 120.000 on Sunday. These numbers were steady for at least 3-4 months. After that the editorial model changed back to the old ways. And with it slowly came the old numbers, both in circulation and in advertisement."

It's tragic. Because in these bad times is hard to know that one that could be saved has passed away. I just wan t to send a big hug to the infographics section, they showed how believing in change and wanting the change this can be spectacular. They demosntrated that it was possible. From the head of graphics, Kalli Labrou, to the last intern.
Good luck to all them.

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