lainformacion.com, second month

My new media, lainformacion.com is two-months old this tuesday 23th. Although I published here asome examples of the first works, now here you are some examples to criticise... You can watch them clicking on the image

Who's who on Lost (this one in english)
As Matthew Fox/Jack was spending some days in Spain, we seized the oportunity to make this graphic with the relationships of the series. Great opportunity to mix work and fun!

Merging tv channels
There was a new law that allowed tv channels to merge and there were a lort of rumors about that. So we made a graphic showing how would work the different possibilities on different fields

Inmigration Explorer in Spain
The same day we decided we will do this graphic, nytimes.com published one with the same idea. What I used was the word 'Explorer', I loved it.

Looking for the black box of the AF447
Another coincidence. When Carlos showed me the sketches of the graphic he was starting, we couldn't imagine that El País will publish hours later (and before than us) a look-alike to what was our graphic (it grew from then).

Hidden Matisse
The Thyssen Museum of Madrid inagurated an exhibition with Matisse works, so we decided to make a graphic container fpr the video and Gigapans.

Hiring player at the soccer league
We had a blog aboutthe soccer summer market, so we summarized (and we keep updating daily) all the operations of the Liga.

Interactive guide of instruments of a Phylarmonic orchestra
Adding to a collection of songs we like at lainformacion.com, we celebrated the European Day of Music with this visual encyclopedia by Carlos Gámez

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Barrywhite said...

En el who's who de Lost hay especulaciones que salen fuera de lo visto en la 5ª temporada.

Buenos infográficos interactivos, por cierto.