Election days for SND members

The Society for News Design (SND), the most important professional association of news design, is celebrating presidential elections.

The resign of Matt Mansfield some months ago left the organization headless, and now Kris Viesselman and Jeff Goertzen are candidates to fill that gap.
Those who use to attend to Malofiej will know both well, as they use to participate in the infographics summit.

But members also have to choose before September 11th vicepresident and secretary/treasurer. For vicepresident the candidates are Steve Dorsey, who was a member of the last SND team, and Patricia Cox. For secreatary/treasurer, the contendents are Jonathon Berlin, also from the last team, and Lily Lu.

I can say I am supporting one or another. I am not voting (I forgot to update my membership) and I haven't read their programs. But some of the professionals I respect the most are endorsing Viesselman.

Anyway, both know infographics very well, so that's good news. We don't have to way much longer, the deadlione is in 9 days time. Good luck for both.

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