What would you send to Malofiej? (XII): La Voz del Interior (Argentina)

Juan Colombato is the head of the infographics department at the argentinian newspaper La Voz del Interior, from Santiago del Estero (Córdoba). We all know the quality of the argentinian infographics. And you could see watching this graphics how high the level is. This is not a national newspaper, but these infographics could be published on any national newspaper in the world. Even in an argentinian one.

Juan uses to collaborate with this blog (which I thank him a lot). Last year he sent an example of what they did on teh Barajas plane crash.

I also have to tahnk him the article he wrote about Fernando Rubio's death (in spanish), one of the big ones of infographics who passed this week. By the way, I seize the opportunity to let you know that this edition of Malofiej is showing some graphics by Fernando on an exhibition at the World Summit. Also, Juantxo Cruz, director of infographics at El Mundo has published some early works by Fernando Rubio on his blog.

And tomorrow Superdeporte (Spain)


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