What are you sending to Malofiej? (XIX) Publico (Portugal)

Joaquim Guerreiro sends two examples of his works of 2009 for the portuguese daily Publico, one of the most importants (if nos the most) newspapers of the country.

Maybe they remind you The Guardian style. Publico was redesigned by Mark Porter, creative director of the english newspaper. So the style uses the same basis: great use of colors, generously sized elements, a very good typographic selection and a very direct narrative style.

Integrate graphics with the general style of the newspaper is very important. And these graphics just fit perfect in Público.

And tomorrow, El Peruano (Peru, obviously)


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CrisisMaven said...

Hello, just to let you know: I will include you in my Reference List of Data Visualisation Sources on the net. Currently over 300 meta sources, it will soon grow to over a thousand. Check it out and if you miss something, I would be grateful if you left a comment. Keep up the good work!