What are you sending to Malofiej? (XVII): lainformacion.com (Spain)

Map of solvency of the spanish savings banks

As I have been asking you to send what are you sending to Malofiej, I also participate on this show adn here you are some examples of what we submitting from lainformacion.com, the web where I work as New Narratives Director.

We are two of us in the New Narratives departement, Carlos Gámez and me, Chiqui Esteban.

If you want to watch the interactive infogrphics, just click on the texts below each one of them.
Or if you just want to take a look to all the graphics we've done since the beginning of the web (April 23rd 2009), just click here: graficos.lainformacion.com.

We use to try to give multimedia content on our graphics, many of them are not just the images, they also have video, or audio, or both of them.

This year we're sending a graphic which is just a video. Not the same quality, but the same idea of what NYT uses to do and now they're doing with the Winter Olympics.

I hope you like it, or if you don't, just comment and tell us how to improve! If you like them, but you want to comment anything on how to improve them, you're welcome too :)

Guide for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (IN ENGLISH) (we also had one about Lost (IN ENGLISH TOO), but the Potter's one was awarded at the domestic SND awards...)

And tomorrow, Público (Spain)

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