What are you sending to Malofiej? (XXVI) XPRESS (DUbai)

Another one from Dubai: Danesh Mohuiddin, sends some of the works he have published for XPRESS, an english weekly publication of the Emirate.

You can watch more examples, with some illustrations, at his own blog.

The style reminds me Mundo Estranho, the brazilian magazine, which will be next in this section.

The jury of this edition of Malofiej are already arriving to Pamplona. This friday, the winners will be announced. So good luck to everybody.

And the next one, as I told you before, Mundo Estranho (Brazil)


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CrisisMaven said...

The link to Malofije points to: http://infographicsnews.blogspot.com/www.snd-e.com and hence doesn't work. Yours is a GREAT site! I have put you into my Data Visualisation References resource list! (Put the Infografistas link there too today, will be updated a little later today.)