What are you sending to Malofiej? (XXV) Gulf News (Dubai)

Miguel Ángel Gómez works at Gulf News, in Dubai (UAE). An arabie city full of layin infographic journalists. He's the one who sends these works, some of them previously published in Infographics News.

It looks like Ducai is the new Mecca (sorry for the easy joke) of infographics. We had more examples form Dubai in this section about Malofiej. And UAE is a very rich country, but very small too.
We also know very good examples from Luis Chumpitaz's team at Arab Media Group.
But let's focus again in Gulf News.

Miguel Ángel Gómez says that when he sends infographics to SND Awards, they're usually awarded. But not the graphic. The page gets the medal.
I think it got something to do with good integration.

Many infographics fill the spread, or are so important and bifg that the page design is made by the infographic. The jury must like the graphics, or they wouldn't award a page when 3/4 of the surface is something they dislike.

And the next one, Dubai again, with XPress.

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