The World Cup into pieces

I don´t know if you remeber the megagraphic of Luis Chumpitaz's team in Dubai for Olympics built using several individual infographics.
They were not the first ones doing something like that, not the last ones, but was a really good effort to show something spectacular and different.
And now, with the World Cup, we have some variations on the same idea.

One side, La Prensa Gráfica, from El Salvador. Óscar Corvera explains the idea:

"Twleve consecutive sundays, La Prensa Gráfica published a special infographic on the World Cup of South Africa 2010. During three months, and with different topics (evolution of the ball, stadiums, trophy, goals, georgraphy and climate of South Africa...), readers could know more about how important this XIX World Cup is."

And this was the result:

On the other side, and maybe you've seen already this if you're fan of thr Facebook page of Infographics News, Estefan Cuanalo alse sent an example by the sports mexican newspaper Record.

Twelve people collaborated to creathe these infographics: Carlos I. López, Crhistian Ávalos, Estefan Cuanalo, Engelbert Chavarría, Iolani Ferraez, Jesús Sánchez y Octavio Jiménez with the infographics; and texts by Carlos Gorozpe, Estela Garrido, Luis Salazar, Mónica Ocampo y Jorge Carricart.


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