Far East infographics: the best and the worst

Through Roberto Belo, I see these two infographics from Far East. One really good, and one bad. As we use in Spain, I start with the bad one:

An interactive by MSN in Asia, reminds me the print infographics of the First Gulf War: big weapons over the map, and nothing else. Click on image to see it in action. I think I can't say it's bad. It's bad for me, in my culture, maybe that's the way things work in the opposite corner of the globe, so maybe I've risked too much calificating it.

Now the good on. Some may not consider this an infographic, but I do. A kind of Beijing Google Maps, but by the chinese  Baidu. Sim City style, clear, and with information layers on the buildings: easy to work with it and very clean. Great. Click on image to watch it in action.


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