Some sentences from ÑH07

ÑH07 is a summit taking place yesterday and today in Valencia (Spain), about news graphics and design. These are some of the sentences pronounced there (as I remember or as I understood them, sorry if there's any little mistake). I'll be updating them.

Infographics are about combine and organize data to tell stories. (...) They're design and narrative: journalism
We've got to humanize information, make it nicer, more visual and easier to find

Alfredo Triviño, new projects art director at NewsCorp
Avatar, the iPad and Kinect have initiated a new era. They have been capable to transform physical actions and emotions to the digital world.

We believe in the balance between pure and simple graphics and pure aesthetics, but achieving this balance is a constant struggle
 Nicholas Felton (The Feltron Report)
More detailed data promote better stories

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