Google and the writer who wants 'something beautiful and funny for the page'


Google has announced a taxes infographic contest with a 5,000$ award at DataViz Challenge. Until here, everything's allright. Now, the problems.

The post title on Google's blog
Can you make tax data exciting?
Yes, Google is not asking for something intersting, comprehensible, clear, divulgative...no. Google's asking for something 'exciting'. As those writers who come to the infographics departments asking for something 'beautiful' or 'funny' because the 'page is boring. But now it's not that writer. It's Google asking.

Just for United States
In this time of globalization, where Google is one of the starring, it's precissely Google who creates a contest just for people 'physically in United States'. ???

Alberto Cairo vs. Google
As an example of what they expect Google show a bubble graphic. If Alberto Cairo finds it, Google should be afraid.

Via @rpicallo and Infosthetics

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