Javier Zarracina: "Infographics journalists are the kind or workers that multimedia journalism demands today"


Javier Zarracina, Infographics director at the The Boston Globe, was interviewed on the spanish communication blog 233grados, which is interviewing spanish infographics journalist working around the world.

If you can't read the complete interview in spanish, here you are some quotes from Zarracina:

About the challenges at The Boston Globe
"The challenge is exploring relatively new production processes for a newsroom where we're still learning"

About infographics beyond the print product
"In this new era we're learning to work with developers, video people, database journalists and other multimedia professionals to create riche and more sofisticated infographics for each platform"

About the changes in the newsrooms
"Graphic journalists are an example of technic formation, versatility, innovation, integration and creativity. Precissely the kind of workers that multimedia journalism demands today"

About teh importace of the infographics departments in USA
"Many times, newspapers are directed by former chiefs of photography or art directors. Photo, graphics and design departments have a huge presence in the content planning"

About the future of media in Spain
"Spanish newsrooms are also in a moment of change. Mi advice for media businness is to invest in infographics. Infographics journalists can be the transformation engines for newsrooms"

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