The disappointing Wallaby


Adobe released yesterday a new software that allows you to convert your .fla in HTML5 containers, will SVG and all kind of interaction. It's called Wallaby. It would make things much easier for Flash infographics to work on iPads and iPhones, work better with SEO, be lighter...
But all of that will be true if Wallaby would actually work. At the moment, it doesn't.
I've talked with some other colleagues and they tell the same story.

I tried yesterday with ten different kinds of Flash graphics. Ten failures. None of them really work: sometimes it got stuck in the preload, sometimes buttons don't work, sometimes yu just have a movie with the frames rather than a graphic...

OK, it's a prerelease version. It will improve. I hope so. Everything would be easier although the first versions will spit lots of rubbish-code.

Anyway, I keep learning HTML and CSS. Just in case. :)


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