Alberto Cairo: "Brazilian infographics have less taboos"


I think I don't need to introduce Alberto Cairo, but just in case I'll say he's a spanish infographics journalist who has become one of the most important theorical (and practical) leaders of this subject after being head of graphics at elmundo.es, teacher of multimedia infographics at the Univesity of North Carolina Chapel Hill and now director of infographics at Editorial Globo (Brazil).

He has spoken about brazilian graphics on an interesting interview in the spanish communication blog '233 Grados'. But, as a spanish blog, it's written in spanish, so here you are some of the most intersting quotes:

"I don't think Brazil has a different visual culture. It's just they have less taboos with some topics"

"In these years, brazilian infographics have taken a big step forward. Some media are investing in high level professionals"

"In Época, infographics should be considered a journalistic product. That's something new in Brazil, where graphics used to be in hands of designers and illustrators"

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