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I've talked about the infographics department of La Vanguardia before on this blog, about this catalonian newspaper hired Jaime Serra as head of infographics.  I've talked about the blog of the department, Jaime's blog, some awards they got in Malofiej, its redesign, some historic infographic...

Here's just some examples of the kind of things they're doing at the moment as I've done with other infographics departments.

The head of graphics, as I was telling before, is Jaime Serra, who became famous leading the infographics department of the argentinian newspaper Clarín doing some famous stuff as the whale graphic or the one of the bread. Always tryning to innovate and give more tha  news to the readers,  Jaime publish now a visual column in the newspaper
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Along with Jaime works as deputy graphics director Josep Ramos, and the rest of the departemnt are Raúl Camañas, Alan Jürgens, Rosa Mª Anechina, Jordi Bagué, Anna Monell, and very usual collaborations by the illustrator Oriol Malet And, as a team, they produce works like this one of the Sagrada Familia, something important for a newspaper from Barcelona.

And talking about Barcelona... What a soccer team! Here you have a comparison of its stars with the Real Madrid ones.

In this time full of data visualizationss, La Vanguardia keeps doing a terrific job with illustrated classic infographics. With such quality as these ones of the Solomon Temple or How volcanoes work.

Sometimes with an schematic style, like this one about the path of suitcases in El Prat airport.

And the difference sometimes comes by the topic. This one, about the Rubik cube.

And one extra, this magazine double spread. Infoat a glance: How big is that ship? Place it on Paseo de la Castellana, one of the most famous streets of Madrid and you'll know...


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Epic Graphic

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Sorry about last comment (user error) - Was meaning to say... The last graphic is one of the most incredible scale comparisons I've seen. Very powerful.