Elections graphics

Infographics artists of Spain are full up of work. This useful, necessary but mostly of the times boring works. All beacuse of the municipal and regional electios of this sunday. Pies, pies and pies. But, pies apart, sometimes we can find different propossals to cover the elections, as this interactive graphic by ELPAIS.com showing the most important facts of teh campaign and precampaign and make a lot of multimedia content easy to acces.

Talking about election, here you are some advices from Jeremy Gilbert (Poynter Institute) in an article about what we have learnt from 94' northamerican elections. He talks about general focus, but I can see these advices also useful for graphics:
- Explain the news, don't just report it: this is valid not just for elections, but for every single graphic we make
- Use different story forms: we've got a good example above form ELPAIS.com
- Be sure of your numbers: escrutation percentaje on the pie we pubish is a must
- Weigh the local, state and national angles: it's not just our city, we've got to think wider and use a bigger context to explain what's happening here, the famous "think global, act local"
- Integrate the Web and other media: peolpe want to know the results now, not tomorrow morning
- Don't forget the importance of graphics
- Finally, make a plan. Make several plans. Make a plan for scrapping your plans: ewe've got a little time for reaction if there are surprises

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