God Save the Queen and the Graphics

The new of the week, month, year on news design is the Sunday Times redesign. Some, like Juan Antonio Giner (whose blog I took these images) or Mario García have no doubts to give their biigest congratulations to Al Triviño,head of his project. Others, as his Guardian colleague, Mark Porter, are not so glad with the result.

I can't follow very much The Times from Spain (my newspapers subscriptions just include The Guardian and The Independent among our british newspapers) and not even its Sunday edition. And it's a pity for me, as one of the biggests supporters of english newspapers. But now, taking a look to the pages of the redesign, discovering those big graphics among them draw a smile on my face. OK, that's not the biggest bet for graphics on the world, but shows that something's changing. If that's forever or just for today, we'll need time to know it.

England is not the country with most pages dedicated to graphics lately, despite of the great ifluence of its infographics artists, as Peter Sullivan, one of the best and the firsts masters of this discipline in Europe. But the triumphs of Michael Robinson's Guardian on Malofiej, the work of Michael Agar on IOS, the online infographic labour of BBC and this blink from Murdoch's newspaper appears to be very good signs for graphics on Queen Elizabeth's land.

As Cuatro Tipos show in their blog, the idea of launching infographics to a new dimension on Sunday Times is a srong point of the new times. The Infographics Style book, was made Al Triviño and John Smith's (graphics Director at Sunday Times) team (Some days ago, I wrote here that Charles M. Blow was hired for this task, but he wrote me to say he just did a little consulting for the redesign and his task ended some months ago. Excuses for the mistake). Behind the new style for online graphics, Rafa Höhr (former ELPAIS.com graphics director) and Manolo Romero (former Diario de Sevilla graphics director, and former chief of mine). When you spend money on such great professionals, it means you really want to do something good. And those are very good news. God Save the Queen, and the new infographics era at United Kingdom

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