When infographics are the main lenguage

Different kinds of caliber, Super Interessante

Now that everybody's saying that press media are in crisis, some think that infographics can be the saviour. Many are betting for graphics on these hard times , and infographics artists are the market stars.

How to choose your religion, Super Interessante

But in Brazil, two of the most succesful magazines of the country (Super Interessante and Mundo Estranho) have been offering product where graphics are the main lenguage since long time ago. Just a few pages of the magazine don't include graphics or illustration. Using every kind of visual lenaguage.

Mundo Estranho explaining inflation to preteenagers

Each one has it own target. While Mundo Estranho focus 12-13 years old readers, Super Interessante has a more adult profile. That's why they use differente lenguages, styles, metaphors. But the goal is the same: Explain.Manage to have teenagers and preteenagers interested on teh same topics taht their textbooks talk about, but with them eager to read them.

After the classical 'Metro do Rock', Super Interessante dares nown with the Science Metro

The head of infographics on both projects is a classical star, Luiz Iria. A man who surely would need a whole house to have enough space for all his awards.

Differences between brazilian and USA police, on Super Interessante

They're not uniques on the world. National Geographic Kids uses teh same scheme.
Meanwhile, in Spain, the bet on this kind of magazines are bizarre photoshoppy images. They want to call the attention, thay shout to the reader. Here, the iamge doesn't explain (usually). This is the real goal of graphics. Explain. Today, we have TV, radio or internet to know the news. Let's foceus newspapers on explaining them and be different and useful. And that's why graphics are becoming so popular. Althought there are still many places where they think on other way.

Medieval Wars, on Mundo Estranho

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