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Following a suggestion by the great Gabi Campanario, infographic journalist and illustrator at The Seattle Times, I have created a Flickr group called Infografistas / Infographics News (click on name to access). It's a public group, so anyone can upload photos (maybe you just need a Flickr account).
The idea is not to create a new News Page Designer, but to have a place to upload and comment our favourita graphics, ours or made by others, from the present or from the past, or just graphics we would like to comment. Of course, new works we just want to show, comment and receiving comments could be uploaded too.
In the moment I'm writing these lines, there is no graphics uploaded on the group, but I think I'll be uploadin some this morning. So, I encourage you to do the same and find a place to comment new, old and mythical infographics.

I seize the opportunity to remind you some open initiatives of this blog, just in case you would like to contribute:
- Infographics departments around the world: show some of the best works of your department and explain who are of the members of it and how do you work together. An oportunity to share our workflows, ways of solve problems and other useful information.
-Great comparisons: send cmparisons that you think they deerve the califiative 'great'. They could be yours or not.
-My worst graphic: let everybody learn form your wn mistakes, and send which you think is your worst graphic ever done. Explain what have you learnt from it and he mitakes you think it has.

Thanks everybody in advance!

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