Phelps in depth and other Olympics infographics

If this Olympic Games has a hero, that's Michael Phelps. Media has focused all their attention on him and his 8 gold medals, so graphics were part of this circus too.

ELPAIS.com (or AS.com, which shares the online graphics department) offers this graphic about the 'american dolphin', a great example of multimedia feature (although I still wonder how you calculate the stamina).

elmundo.es focused on the Phelps-Spitz comparison

NYTimes.com is doing an impressive job, as usual, on this Games. On swimming, they didn't have problems for not having videos (rights stuff) using infographic videos on Phelps races. If we still want more, we have his 8 golds summarized (published just a while after the last one), a explanation on the champion's technic and the comparison with Spitz. Still want more? No problem. Here you are the evolution of all the world records (all sorts, not just swimming).
But I must agree with Juan Antonio Giner. The big new of the day yesterday was the 0.01 Phelp's victory.

Everyone spoke about it. Everyone showed it. But just a few explained it. This is our labour. Explain why Phelps got the gold, as photos are not ver clear, explain how does the Omega dispositive that decided that Phelps was the winner work, explain why, although Cavic could be the first to touch the dispositive he could not be the winner (matters of pressure on the wall). That's our work. And we can't forget it. (UPDATE: I could see that my colleague at Publico, Álvaro Valiño, who's working this weekend on the newspaper, made a graphic about the Omega touchpad. I don't know if the rest of the spanish print media have done something, in august in Madrid many newstands go on holidays too...)

And talking about Olympics and on the same Innovations in newspapers blog, take an eye on this great graphic by Luis Chumpitaz, leader of the infographics tema of the Dubai newspapers Emirates Business 24/7, Emarat al Youm and Al Bayan. 35 graphics to make a big poster with all the sports. We have another candidate to win some infographicsawards next year.

UPDATE: More about this megagraphic on a new post at Innovations in Newspapers.

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