Another pair of infographics blogs

If you are here reading this blog I suppose you like news graphics.
So here you are another pair of infographics blog you would like to take a glance


Those who are used to vst Pamplona on Malofiej would know personally Max Gadney, the former head of the online BBC department.Los que sois habituales de Malofiej seguro que conoceréis a Max Gadney. He and his tema had showed how graphics are mainly good idea on how to represent information visually. Max is now on the TV division, but also on his personal blog and on WWII Magazine.

Parka Blogs

Parka (Teoh Yi Chie), infographics journalist in Singapur, is the creator and webmaster of this blog. He talks of much more things that infographics. One of his great contributions has beento classify thousands of graphics of NPD.

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