Online graphics of the Mumbai bombings

- Guardian.co.uk
- NYTimes.com
- elmundo.es

This time my favourite is elmundo.es. For the value that has the animation showing the sequence of the bombing, giving the reader the possibility of watching it pasively. The problema that has for the reader is that, once the anmation is over, you can't have further data, you can't 'play' with the data. You only have the forward-back tool.

And one more comment: it's incredible how hard is to find an online graphic on the online media. It looks like the media owners (or directors) haven't realized yet the change the bussiness and the readers are suffering and they're just cared on saving the paper and forgetting the web, spending all the resources on the print version of their enterprises. We're not just not going some steps ahead, we're going back some steps already walked.

Steve Cavendish send me this piece published on The Times of London. It's not an online piece, but it works anyway. They go much further than the rest, explaining how the terrorists attacked the city. Being The Times I assume they're not just guessing, so this is a very valuable information...

The graphic on PDF

And also, Michael Agar send this one by the Telegraph.

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