What would you send to Malofiej (XXIV): Panamá América (Panama)

Nélson Fernández is an infographic journalist from Venezuela, but he works at the moment at the Panamá América, a newspaper from Panamá (as you could guess).
You coould have seen many things from him at this blog.

You could know him for that, his works, and the Encuentro de Infografía (Infographics Meeting) he organizes in Panamá. You can access his offical blog.

You can recognize that vertical style he use. He's colorful, as usual in Latin America, but not as much as others.

Most of them are graphics that go to the ponit. The classical style: big image and details around it, but not so many details: just 3-4 things, very direct. Just the keys.

And the next, Gulf News (Dubai)


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