Online graphics in Europe

Graphics are so useful online as on print, although video can solve some problems solved by graphics on newspapers. But in Europe, infographics artists are hard to find on digital newsrooms. We can put the blame on the offer or the demand, but taking a look to the principal on-line media of the continent, just Spain and England have something to say about online graphics. That doesn't happen on print. A big mistake. Reading on a screen is harder than on a paper, graphics explain thing in a direct way, more visual, not so many text. Something more effective on the internet.

Obviously, there are a lot of media on Europe with online graphics that I didn't notice, so, if you know any, just tell me, in a comment or by e-mail (you have my mail address on the sidebar), to develop a more complete map. Thanks in advance.

America is other world, USA, Canada and all Latin America cares more about online graphics, but we're still on the Old Europe.

Included diariodecadiz.es (How coud I forget myself...) and EITB.com

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