The graphics department? On that corner, behind the wall...

This is the new newsroom of AP, an example of multimedia integration, according to what I have heard.
As infographics artist, first thinh I lloked for was the infographics department. My search wasn't too long. I knew where I had to look. They're on a corner. Behind a wall. It looks like almost every newspapers have the graphics department cornered. And we're talking a bout a department that it based on collaborations with other departments. OK, every single department must collaborate with others, but some of them like graphics, design and layout, correctors, research... can't work alone.
But, it's true that much infographics departments prefer to keep hidden.
I prefer this option:

GRAPHIC: Pablo Ramírez, Innovations in Newspapers global report

Graphics and photo beside the "superdesk" with the editors, next to the epicentre of the newsroom (as every single department). I know a lot of people would prefer being far along from editors, but think in the tiem you'd save everytime they want you to change every single detail...

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Anonymous said...

When did AP move from 50 Rock? And you're right about graphics dept. placements... in my three newsrooms, we've been against the wall, in a separate room and in the corner.

But honestly, I kinda like the corner. The lighting isn't as obscene.